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Profelt Plus 

  • Manufacturer: Perma "R" Products

Asphalt felts have finally met their match. ProFeltPlusTM is a mechanically attached*alternative to traditional felts, offering superior strength and performance, and contains no asphalt. ProFeltPlus is a coated, woven polyolefin fabric that will not tear under foot or in high winds.

It stays in place, just like a roof underlaymentshould. Being strong doesn’t mean it has to be heavy. ProFeltPlus weighs only 22 pounds for a 10 square roll, giving your back a much needed rest when hauling roofing materials on the job. And with an industry leading 30 year warranty, ProFeltPlus gives you peace of mind.


  • Contributes to LEED points
  • Will not wrinkle
  • 30% lighter than felts
  • Better UV resistance
  • Cuts easy
  • Faster installation
  • Less fasteners needed
  • Saves time and labor
  • Fewer laps
  • Less inventory
  • Resists Mold
  • Recyclable
  • Longer lasting, does not dry out, or blow off *
  • UV Resistant
  • Temperature Flexible
  • Covers up to 5 times more square footage*
  • Product color keeps your house cooler
  • Slip Resistant


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